Bike Rental in Puerto Morelos

Rent a bike to get to downtown from Acamaya Reef.

Riding a bike from the Acamaya Reef Eco-hotel down to Puerto Morelos Downtown is one of the best activities, why? first of all you are not contaminating, second you are doing some exercise, and third, you have plenty of places to go visit around the area, like a birdwatch platform on the mangrove or the Crococun Zoo where you can get to know almost every animal of the area.

Not only that, you can also spend some great time with your family having something else to tell when you are coming back home.

Riding a bike will give you a sense of freedom like nothing else, so this is something you can´t stop doing!


  • For One Day: $15 USD
  • For One Week: $75 USD
  • For Two Weeks: $105 USD
  • For One Month: $150 USD

Ask for special prices as a guest!