This cabana has the best view in the place since its on a second floor right above cabana #4; we call it the tree house because it’s shaded by a big tree that’s about 30 years old, it has its own balcony with a little table and chairs, a queen-size bed and a private bathroom.

This “Tree House at Acamaya Reef Cabanas in Puerto Morelos” or Cabana #5 has no AC but has the same prices as the ones with AC because it has the best view in the Hotel, it has a perfect Ocean View from the window or the balcony, most like a terrace.

During the night the breeze helps a lot for the temperature, however the cabana, being on a second floor, with a high palapa ceiling and a fan inside is actually really fresh.

Again, this Cabana #5 has: private bathroom, a queen-size bed, fan, palapa ceiling a terrace and a great Ocean View