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Beach Club Puerto Morelos Acamaya Reef

Acamaya Beach bar

Come and enjoy our super Beach Bar in Puerto Morelos with different cocktails from the area with some great music! Enjoy our variety of drinks from the regular beers to the very popular cuba libre or vodka tonic, or why not a Coconut with gin… without forgetting our splendid “Mojito” to cool you down from the Caribbean heats. More

Acamaya beach Restaurant puerto morelos

Acamaya Beach Restaurant (Snack Bar)

We are no gourmet cookers but we have great stuff to eat in our Snack Bar-Restaurant, from chiken wings or tacos dorados to delicious Ceviches and fried fish; but let’s not forget the super known Hamburgers that are simply delicious or a simple hot dog; if you want to get something more elaborated we can do it, just tell us in advance what you want. More

acamaya Weddings & Events puerto morelos

Weddings & Events

Our little Puerto Morelos hotel with its Cabañas on the beach is an ideal place to get married on the beach, having a big reception or a small one, from 10 guests to 100 guests, we have the facilities to elaborate something great and unforgetable for your Wedding in the caribbean.

For your Wedding or any other event just Contact Us to set it up! More

acamaya Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos


We have one of the best Snorkeling Tours in the area since we have a privileged location, in front of our hotel on the beach is located the Second Largest Reef in the World making some outstanding coral formations to be visited. In our Snorkeling tour through the Puerto Morelos Reef you’ll be able to see a lot of marine life from parrot fishes to turtles and if you get lucky you’ll see some big stingrays. More

acamaya Camping in Puerto Morelos

Camping in Puerto Morelos

Just a few places give you the Camping option along the Riviera Maya, and in Puerto Morelos we are the only Camping option since is mostly 5 star resorts. If you are traveling on a small budget or you like camping when traveling this is a great option, the camping ground is right on the beach area and you have the service of bathrooms, hot showers, beach showers, the long chairs on the beach and a secure place. More

acamaya riviera maya Park Puerto Morelos

RV Park Puerto Morelos

Traveling by RV is one of the “Must do” things in the world. we have a nice little RV Park on site, and like the camping, we are the only RV Park in Puerto Morelos and along with some other RV parks in the Riviera Maya we are just a couple… The facilities for our RV customers are electrical plugs, sewage deposits, and water conections. Of course if its a little … More

acamaya Massage on the Beach puerto morelos

Massage on the Beach of Puerto Morelos

The Massages on the Beach are probably one of the best things to do on your stay in our little Eco-hotel, they are not just great but awesome, even the people from the resorts next door come to get massages done because at their resort they dont do the massage on the beach and of course, we have better prices. Come and give yourself a little time out from your regular life. More

acamaya Bike Rental puerto morelos

Bike Rental in Puerto Morelos

Riding a bike from the Acamaya Reef Eco-hotel down to Puerto Morelos Downtown is one of the best activities, why? first of all you are not contaminating, second you are doing some exercise, and third, you have plenty of places to go visit around the area, like a birdwatch platform on the mangrove or the Crococun Zoo where you can get to know almost every animal of the area. For this service you must reserve in advance. More

Acamaya Tours in Puerto Morelos

Tours in Puerto Morelos

Like we told you before we have our snorkeling tour and we listed it out there beacuse its our main one. But we have more than that, from our little Eco-hotel you can do different tours to Puerto Morelos, some wild like the jungle tours or zip lines in our Cenote’s rout, or some more relaxing like fishing trips out to the caribbean sea (the relaxing part depends on yourself catching something), feel free to check them out. More