¿What is a Cabana or Cabaña?


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A cabana is a small, tent-like structure designed to offer shade. It is typically used at a beach or alongside a pool. In addition to providing shade, cabanas are often used as dressing rooms. Some cabanas are even used as rooms for cooking meals to be consumed near the water. A cabana can be either temporary or permanent but is almost always freestanding.

In tropical climates, cabanas are typically small huts. These shade structuresare usually built with thatched roofs. However, when designed for use near pools or in popular beach-vacation spots, they often have frames made of wood, aluminium or steel. Sometimes, they are even constructed of man-made materials, like plastic. The type of material used is greatly influenced by the cabana’s intended use and the budget of the buyer/user.

Well, in my personal opinion, a cabana is a hut made of grass, and depending if you put walls or not to them, you can consider them rooms to sleep in, which is really comfortable, as long as you have mosquito nets! Mayan people say that sleeping in a cabana is really comforting because the cosmic rays get through the grass really easily and recharge you full of energy!

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