Why Snorkeling is so great in Puerto Morelos

Acamaya Puerto Morelos SnorkelingWhy is Snorkeling so Fun and fresh?

Snorkeling is fantastic fun for all; as long as you can swim, people of all ages can snorkel and enjoy the wonders of the underwater world. Snorkeling is where you swim on or through the water whilst being equipped with a snorkel and mask. Using a snorkel and mask allow the swimmer to swim underwater and enjoy observing the sea life for an extended amount of time because the snorkel allows the swimmer to breath normally via the breathing tube.

To use the snorkel you put on the eye mask as if you would put on goggles, ensuring the snorkel tube passes just above the left ear, and insert the mouth piece in your mouth. Bite down on the mouthpiece and submerge your head in the water. To make sure no water was left in the snorkel tube exhale sharply to clear any water, this process is called purging.

When using a snorkel breathe normally and swim with caution, because the rapid movement usually fills the tube with water. All snorkel will have a valve by the mouth piece, which eliminates all the water and prevents access to water, however remember the tube must be above water when swimming to prevent water coming in from the top.

There are many benefits to snorkeling. Snorkeling is easy to learn and does not require extensive training, like diving and it doesn’t require using a large amount of equipment while swimming. This is especially great for kids because there is no age limit to snorkel, the only requirement is knowing how to swim.

You are restricted in the depths of water you can explore while snorkeling, however particularly in tropical climates there is still much to be seen just below the surface. There are many shallow reefs from a few meters below sea level, which is an ideal place for snorkeling, as you can see a great variety of corals, sea animals, plants and other organisms.

There is also the opportunity to night snorkel, using an underwater flash light you can get a glimpse of the nocturnal sea life, moray eels, shrimps, squid and lobsters for example are a lot more active at night . The coral itself also looks a lot different at night, if you enjoy snorkeling during the day it is worth checking out the night life underwater too, it is a great experience

As the article states snorkeling can be a joy for all, if you fancy splashing out then I recommending making snorkeling part of a vacation, Snorkeling can be fantastic abroad with great scenery and different sea life. I recommend Puerto Morelos for a great location for snorkeling.

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